The doctors called the symptoms of colon cancer spread to lungs


Newspaper Express published the opinion of British doctors on how to determine what colon cancer has spread to the lungs.

Врачи назвали симптомы распространения рака кишечника на легкие

Doctors told that in the early stages of bowel cancer spread only inside the shell of the colon. However, over time the disease can progress, thus increasing the risk of metastases in the lungs.

Experts have called typical of such metastases symptoms. In particular, according to them, one of the signs that colon cancer has spread to the lungs, is weight loss.

Also with the progression of this disease often occurs in the liver. According to doctors, if you have any symptoms such as pain in the right side of the abdomen, bloating, poor appetite, yellowing of the skin, this may indicate metastasis of the tumor.

Among other visible manifestations of the disease, British experts have identified the incessant coughing (maybe with blood), shortness of breath, infection of the chest.

Bowel cancer is one of the most pressing issues for the British health of the United Kingdom is a very common ailment. Scientific experts have concluded: to reduce the risk of the disease helps the inclusion in the diet of fiber from food sources such as various beans, whole grains, nuts and vegetables. You also need to monitor their intake of meat, refuse industrially processed foods.