The doctors explained how to recognize a stroke


A stroke is a very serious attack, in which it is important to pay attention to all symptoms not to aggravate the health situation.

To recognize it in its early stages is difficult, but possible. Doctors told about what signs can be observed at the initial stage

Медики объяснили, как распознать инсульт

Experts note that the first signals of a beginning stroke it is possible to catch a few days, or even months, when a person happens to massive hemorrhage.

Doctors call several signs of a possible threat process: problems with vision: blurred objects, flashing “flies” in one eye; excessive irritation up to aggression, or, conversely, fatigue, loss of energy and drowsiness.

It’s also possible disorientation — the person may lose the ability to recognize people or places, to navigate in space, not able to say something, loses clarity of thought; numb on one side of the body the fingers and toes; headache, which concentrates in the temple. Against the background of these symptoms may experience symptoms that resemble indigestion.

Experts report that these symptoms can last for several hours, and after — to pass, to be replaced by a completely normal feeling. But complacency is not. Be sure to visit the doctor, because the risk of a full stroke in these phenomena is very high.