The doctors explained if you need to shut your mouth when sneezing and coughing

I think that autumn cold can not be avoided? This is not so. If you give up some bad habits, you can prevent many diseases.

Врачи объяснили, нужно ли закрывать рот при чихании и кашле

All you need to touch!

This habit is probably familiar to everyone. When riding the bus we need to touch on all the handrails, because sometimes it is uncomfortable to stand.

If we are in a public place, then forget to wash my hands. Do you know how many germs live on the same handrails on the bus or subway?

Public toilets, pistols at the pump, ATM buttons, etc. If interested, you can read a list of the most dirty items, it may surprise you.

Ignoring someone else’s infection

Some people call it stupidity, and some politeness. For example, a colleague became very ill, at the time when he sneezes, you will still continue to stand beside him.

Microbes at the time of coughing and sneezing can spread of 3 feet. This can be considered a weapon of mass destruction.

Of course, just to get away from the sick person will not be pretty. Simply be side by side with him, so you’ll reduce the risk of infection. After shaking hands be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.

Crane in a public place

If you happen to visit a public toilet, it is necessary to remember that the faucet handles are the dirtiest place after the toilet.

To close the faucet, you need to wrap your hand with a paper towel. So you will save yourself.

Touching the face

If you believe the research, each person during the day touches your face no less than 16 times. That is a lot, try to follow him.

Very often there is a desire to scratch or just touch the face. Sometimes it seems that people have nothing to do with my hands.

In fact, every touch to the face is a new opportunity to catch some kind of virus. Stop constantly touch it.

So you move bacteria closer to your mouth. Also the more we touch it, the more vymazyvajas. This leads to the fact that the skin becomes greasy and unkempt. Believe me, it is not the habit that is essential to man.

Close your mouth with your hands when sneezing or coughing

It should not be done for two reasons. First: when a person sneezes, it being more healthy just carries the bacteria in his mouth.

Of course, getting sick after that much faster. Because bacteria settle on our palms and fingers, and we are their vectors.

Second: when people are sick, covering your mouth during a sneeze, the way he distributes the bacteria on public transport, streets etc.

This occurs also. Bacteria are deposited on the hands, and then the man touches everything and therefore carries bacteria.

Other people come after you for the handrail in the subway, and then touching the face. All the chain is started. Observe elementary rules of hygiene.

Of course, nobody says that you should sneeze without covering his mouth. However, this is a scarf, and it needs to be in the pocket of every cultured person.