The doctors explained whether sitting on a cold bring to cystitis

Can I get cystitis after sitting on a cold surface? Many believe that, Yes. But the doctors spoke about the fact that one has nothing to do.

Врачи объяснили, может ли сидение на холодном довести до цистита

Sitting on a cold cannot be the cause of the disease cystitis or zastuzheny of the kidneys (pyelonephritis). Urologists shared his opinion about it on the portal “Rambler/doctor.”

Experts explained that the reason for the above-named diseases are bacteria, most often Escherichia coli. Sitting on a cold surface is not conducive to the emergence of Escherichia coli. At least there’s no evidence.

“At the moment, there are no adequate scientific studies confirming that sitting on a cold can reduce immunity and lead to increased bacteria in the urine,” said the experts.

They said that sitting on cold surfaces can trigger frequent urination, but it should not be seen as a symptom of cystitis. In this way, according to them, appears cold diuresis. To diseases of bacterial nature it has nothing to do.

Frequent urination in the case of a cooling occurs as a reaction of the organism that tries to reduce heat loss. In such circumstances, the blood is sent to his vital organs. Kidneys under the influence of blood flow carried out an enhanced filtration of urine. Furthermore full bladder also contributes to heat loss and the body tries to void, to suppress it.

Those who are faced with increased urination because of the action of cold, doctors advise to drink 2-3 cups of warm liquids to replenish water balance in the body.