The doctors explained who can’t eat arugula

Arugula is endowed with a number of useful properties.

However, for some people it may cause harm. About who should give up the arugula.

Врачи объяснили, кому нельзя есть рукколу

First and foremost, is an individual intolerance to the active substances, which are part of the arugula. The Allergy can manifest in the form of spasms in the throat, swelling of mucous membranes, digestive disorders, cramps in the stomach.

In addition, a large number of oxalic acid in the leaves of rocket salad are able to cause the formation of kidney stones in people prone to the disease, or to aggravate chronic kidney stones. The calcium in arugula, improves kidney. Therefore, it is sufficient to limit the intake of helpful herbs, not excluding it completely from the menu.

It is also impossible in large quantities to use arugula is in:

diseases of the liver;
biliary dyskinesia;
gastritis, accompanied by high acidity;
a serious disruption of the functioning of the thyroid gland;
autoimmune diseases.

Arugula contains high amounts of vitamin K, contributing to the increase of coagulability of blood, therefore the product is contraindicated in people who for health reasons have to take blood-thinning medications.