The doctors explained why it may be a broken heart

A broken heart is a violation of the integrity of the heart walls. In low birth body his break-up could provoke even severe fright.

Медики объяснили, почему может случиться разрыв сердца

In 90% of cases of cardiac rupture is instantaneous. The person loses consciousness, his face and upper half of the body a distinctive greenish-blue hue, swell neck veins, pupils dilate.

Also the broken heart can be slow to occur over several hours or even days. Among its symptoms — severe pain in region of heart, from which no saves taking pain medicine, ashen skin, cold sweats, arrhythmia.

Can there be a broken heart from being afraid? On the portal “Rambler/doctor” experts said that with good health this can not occur: the body will definitely react to acute stress by increasing pressure and palpitations, but still cope with this load. But with a weak heart and General poor health, the release of adrenaline, which is characteristic for strong emotions, can trigger myocardial infarction. Then in the background is actually possible to break the middle wall of the heart.

In addition, cardiac rupture may be a consequence of severe injury in which the person receives a powerful blow to the chest. In addition rupture of the heart due to the abnormality of the heart muscle – for example, on can be very fine land, capable of burst due to excess physical exertion.

Is able to bring to heart attack and disease.

“Rupture of the heart muscle associated with infiltrative heart diseases, such as sarcoidosis, hemochromatosis, amyloidosis. In the case of these diseases in the myocardium accumulate substances who are not in it – in particular, amyloid, complex proteins and carbohydrates”, — told the experts.