The doctors explained why men need to eat dark chocolate


For many years there is a debate about how good the chocolates. Undoubtedly, abuse this delicacy is fraught with consequences for our metabolism, health of the teeth.

Recently, however, Scottish experts from the University of Aberdeen has revealed that the greatest benefit of eating dark chocolate brings the male body.

Врачи объяснили, почему мужчинам нужно есть черный шоколад

Chocolate containing cocoa more than 70%, has blood-thinning properties, normalizes blood circulation and reduces the risk of thrombosis.

If anything, this type of chocolate is most useful for the male population than female. Women from drinking chocolate become kinder and have a better mood. All through produce the hormone of happiness from consumption of the Goodies.
Despite the obvious benefits of dark chocolate it is worth remembering that everything is good in moderation. To maintain a daily intake of dark chocolate just 50 grams. Excessive this sweet treat can cause metabolic disorders, which will affect your weight, it could also be another opportunity for trips to the dentist.

Normal eating chocolate can be changed if a person does more physical work, or busy with sport. It should also be remembered that in the evening chocolate is better not to eat because it may cause sleep disorders. With caution you should use this kind of sweetness people with problems of the pancreas.

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