The doctors found out how healthy dairy products


For many decades debates about the benefits and dangers of dairy products. The doctors gave detailed explanation on the subject.

Врачи выяснили, насколько полезны молочные продукты

Experts say that pasteurization leads to inactivity of enzymes that help the body break down cow protein. For this reason, the calcium is poorly absorbed enough. However, one glass of milk contains up to 10% of the daily value of cholesterol that can form plaque on vascular walls. If you drink too much milk, which contains the protein casein, there may be clots in the intestine.

This product is useful due to the increased amount of calcium in it. However, if this chemical element — animal origin, it is poorly absorbed, and the salt is not removed from the human body. This leads to the formation of vascular plaques and kidney stones.

Dairy products contain nutrients, but they are poorly absorbed people.

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