The doctors have ceased to fight for life Zavorotnyuk: in the hospital immediately came the husband and the mother of the actress

Врачи перестали бороться за жизнь Заворотнюк: в больницу срочно приехали муж и мама актрисы

Russian doctors stopped the intensive treatment of the star of the series “My fair nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, about the terrible diagnosis which was previously reported.

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The reason for stopping treatment was the deterioration of the health of the actress, according to Mash.

Later it became known that the actress in the hospital immediately came to her husband and mother.

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It is noted that Zavorotniuk refused to treat a Polish hospital, after which it was moved to Moscow. All that might suggest the actress is palliative. But one of the Russian clinics have decided to fight for the life of Anastasia. However, the treatment did not help, and surgery actress in her condition it is impossible to do.

. In addition, the actress was partially paralyzed.

Recall that the actress, according to media reports, the last stage of brain cancer.

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