The doctors outlined the main symptoms of measles and complications of the disease

Measles – an infectious disease that affects both children and adults who do not have immunity against this disease.

Медики назвали главные симптомы кори и осложнения после болезни

Measles is a dangerous viral disease. This infection is one of the main causes of child mortality in the World.

How can you get the measles

The virus spreads very rapidly – it is transmitted when talking, coughing, sneezing or any close contact with the patient. As soon as the person is showing the first signs of a virus – he’s already spreading the infection. The incubation period lasts from 7 to 17 days.

The infection spreads very rapidly, so with the air flow the virus can even penetrate into the neighboring room, for example, through Windows, ventilation and the like.

Symptoms in children and adults

Measles often affects children and teenagers, however, if vaccination has not been, it can get infected and adult.

The first warning signs of a dangerous virus, the person becomes lethargic, he has disturbed sleep, decreased appetite. Later, the runny nose and cough, and fever.

However, after a few days the temperature is reduced, but the cough and runny nose are not and Vice versa increase. During this period the person becomes sensitive eyes, it’s hard to see the light, sometimes it comes to eye inflammation (conjunctivitis). Often these symptoms can be confused with the common cold or flu. Thus on the inner side of the cheeks, and sometimes lips already appear small spots. This is one of the main signs that the patient has measles.

Already 4-5 days after the first symptoms, the temperature rises again to 39-40 degrees, and the skin appears very noticeable rash red spots. This moment increases a runny nose, swollen eyelids and entire face.

The symptoms can be added and even diarrhea. Can also increase head pain, sometimes patients even lose consciousness.

If the disease goes without complications, you have to weeks time, the patient should be better. Then, the person returning to normal temperature, are coughing and a runny nose, and the upper layer of the skin where the rash was starting to flake.


This virus is dangerous because complications of the disease can be no less dangerous than the disease itself. Infection greatly reduces the immune system and the body becomes sensitive to any bacterial infection.

Complications may affect the respiratory system — pneumonia, bronchitis. Also after the transfer of the virus can be inflammation of the middle ear, often this happens in young children.

Measles causes an imprint on the nervous system, and in some cases may lead to encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).


How to convince doctors, the most effective protection against measles is vaccination. It is given to a child of 12 months and 6 years.

“In countries where measles vaccination covers most of the population, people are no longer sick with the measles. And unacceptable the situation, when during evidence-based medicine the doctors or other medical personnel shall refuse to young parents in the vaccination of children. I think that this kind of medical crime,” – said the former Deputy Minister of health Oksana Sivak.

She also assured that the measles vaccine is “safe, reliable and efficient.” Because this vaccine is used not only in Ukraine but also in many other European countries.