The doctors showed a disturbing sign of imminent death

Random changes in daily physical activity of older workers is an alarming signal indicating a high probability of disability and death. This conclusion, according to science portal EurekAlert, researchers from Canada and the United States of America.

Медики рассказали о тревожном признаке скорой смерти

Elderly people who randomly begin to show a higher, or, conversely, reduced motor activity in some periods of time are more likely to experience injuries and became disabled. Accordingly, they have higher risk of death.

The study, which was made such a conclusion was conducted on a group of volunteers from 1275 people during the thirteen years. Scientists monitor daily physical activity of people with a special electronic bracelets worn on the wrists of the participants.

“Random changes in motor activity significantly increased the likelihood of infirmity and disability. Elderly people, the results of the monitoring of daily activity which was noted unusual patterns, died on average more than one and a half times”, — doctors tell us, noting that the specific causes of the observed correlations has yet to be addressed in the context of future large-scale research projects.