The doctors talked about the main causes of vascular diseases


Most people think that disease of the vessels are connected only with dystonia, however, the doctors challenged this fiction. They spoke about the main reasons that it makes sense to consider.

Врачи рассказали об основных причинах болезней сосудов

To this problem involved the microbes that are able for long years to remain unnoticed in the body, they live again in the moment of lowering the immune system. Loose particles are often collected from the “extra” electrons in the cell membrane, adversely affecting the activities of vessels.

If a person can’t overcome a stressful situation, begins to produce glycine with the help of collagen, which causes different ailments. Also worsens the condition of blood vessels diabetes and hypertension, since their presence results in high level of glucose in the blood and there are problems with tissue oxygenation.