The doctors told me how to clean the intestines without harm to health

Named spice that should be consumed daily.

Врачи подсказали, как очистить кишечник без вреда для здоровья

Has already spread spice popular in Indian cuisine – turmeric. What if you begin to add it daily? According to scientific studies, this spice is extremely healthy and promotes longevity, beauty and good figure.

It is known that turmeric root is a powerful antioxidant, and the spice is rich in calcium, iron, vitamins C and b, iodine, phosphorus, essential oil, lactone and other valuable components.

Additionally, turmeric is an excellent “cleans” our body, removing waste products toxins and maintaining normal intestinal microflora.

Also, turmeric can help reduce the acidity of gastric juice, so that she did not neglect the people with stomach ulcer.
Diabetics it helps to fight the excess sugar in the blood. If you have joint disease, turmeric can also help relieve the symptoms. In addition, turmeric acts as geoprotecta, which is especially important in liver diseases.

Many useful features make this spice in fact almost indispensable drug. Turmeric behaves as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, improves digestion, helps to lose excess weight. Through the consumption of turmeric calories from the food eaten will not be transformed into fat and into energy.