The doctors told me how vegetarianism can damage your health

The rejection of animal products can be harmful to our smiles. With such a warning made by the expert of the London center for cosmetic dentistry Dr. Mervyn druian.

Медики рассказали, как вегетарианство может навредить вашему здоровью

London dentist says that vegetarianism can lead to a greater risk of caries development. In particular, the expert observes the influx of patient with caries, which they have developed after waiver of certain food items. And many of them follow a vegan diet, in which there is a marked lack of protein and calcium. Both of these substances are essential for maintaining dental health. In addition, according to Dr. Druyan, some vegans are more actively lean on sweet and starchy foods like fruits and grains.

All this leads to the accumulation of more bacteria in the mouth that produce acid. And it is they who erode tooth enamel. The doctor emphasizes that because vegetarianism has gained planetary popularity the number of patients with erosions of the enamel and holes in the teeth skyrocketed. This is explained not only by lack of vitamins, but also a rejection of entire food groups. The expert is not saying that all vegetarians to protect the teeth must necessarily go to food of animal origin. Naturally, this is not required, but they need to know about the lack of certain nutrients and compensate for it.

For example, to use a greater number of plant foods containing protein, such as, for example, include soy products. Lack of calcium can, in particular, to compensate for the different kind of vitamin supplements.