The doctors told me what kind of candy is good for the heart

Sweet, contrary to popular belief about its harm to the body, still has useful properties, which should not refuse.

Врачи рассказали, какие сладости полезны для работы сердца

Sweets may be useful for therapy of certain disorders of the cardiovascular system.

In the distant passed it was noticed that different tastes can specific effect on the body. Specifically, a sweet taste and promotes vasodilatation, and because of his help running how to improvised and auxiliary tool in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, especially coronary heart disease.

Scientists stated that the lack of carbohydrates entail negative changes in the vessel walls become less elastic and more fragile, which increases the risk of vascular, cardiac and cerebral pathologies.

Experts advise to eat in moderation natural marmalade, which includes magnesium and potassium — the most important for good heart trace elements. The pectin in the composition of marmalade helps to quickly and effectively remove the accumulated salts of the heavy metals and bad cholesterol.

In addition, to provide chocolate. People who eat chocolate in moderation, lowers the risk to get heart disease by 23% — is shown by research scientists from the University of Munich.

The positive impact of chocolate on the heart, according to the researchers, due to its richness in flavonoids. These substances are well known for its ability when ingested to reduce the permeability of blood vessels, making them more flexible and elastic, and also to normalize blood pressure and balance the heart rhythm.