The doctors told why pimples appear on the hands

Human skin, especially on exposed parts of the body frequently exposed to infectious diseases, especially in the cold.

Врачи рассказали, почему появляются цыпки на руках

Experts say that your skin is the most vulnerable part of the body of a man who needs constant protection. Your skin can be exposed to positive and negative temperatures, so it is often dry, it forms a Horny coating or cracks.

Experts note that not only the strong wind and freezing temperatures affect the skin, it also lends itself to the negative effects of household chemicals. That is why doctors recommend to use rubber medical gloves.

The main reason experts believe the influence of Allergy on low temperatures or their gradients. Often it causes itching and swelling.

Doctors say that for your hands need constant proper care. According to them, if to neglect care treatments, then surely we can expect the appearance of pimples.

Dry and full of cracks, as we have already mentioned, can cause household chemicals.

Also doctors say that the appearance of the pimples can lead to insufficient consumption of vitamins. According to them, to avoid this, you need to follow the diet. A menu should constantly be vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

Among the aforementioned reasons doctors mention broken hormonally background, especially in women. In this case, the experts, need advice and proper care.