The doctors warned women about the dangers of eyelash extensions

Procedures eyelash today very popular and in demand. But doctors note that their implementation is fraught with dangerous consequences.

Врачи предупредили женщин об опасности наращивания ресниц

In particular, their opinion about the eyelash extension made by the British experts. Article with explanations published in The Sun.

It working in eye clinic doctor Elizabeth Hawkes said that in recent time experts recorded growth in the number of eye infections associated with the use of artificial eyelashes.

“With the growing variety of procedures eyelash has increased the number of urgent problems with age of infection”, — said, in particular, ophthalmologist.

Hawkes warned lovers of eyelash extensions that abuse of beauty treatments can cause permanent loss of eyelashes. If you consider that eyelashes are primarily designed to protect the eyes from dust and microbes and are also essential for maintaining eyesight, their loss can be fraught with very dangerous consequences.

One of them, according to experts, is blepharitis, cases of which, recently there have been increasingly. Blepharitis is a chronic inflammatory disease, and it manifests itself in the form of tumor growths that appear above the eyelashes.