The dog attacked the shark to protect his master


In California the dog attacked the shark to protect his master.

Собака напала на акулу, чтобы защитить своего хозяина

Photo: Depositphotos

In late July, James white was fishing in Bodega Bay. His dog, a pit bull mix named Darby he left in a car outside. The man felt a strong tension fishing line and about ten minutes fought with the catch. He soon saw what had caught the broadnose sevengill shark with a length of about two meters, and tried to remove her off the hook.

Once white approached the predatory fish, that clung to his leg. The man could unhook the shark and bled to death — teeth of the predator has damaged the artery. He shouted in the hope that someone from ubivshii nearby fishermen to help him.

The voice of the master came Darby, who managed to open the car door. The dog bit the shark in the gills, however, that even stronger clung to the leg of a fisherman. The dog then grabbed the predator by the tail and pulled him off the feet of the man. White threw a shark in the water and she swam away.

We will remind that earlier in Massachusetts great white shark jumped out of the water near the boat and grabbed the fish one of the boys who fished with his father.