The dog brought the beer to his master and became a star Network

Пес принес пиво хозяину и стал звездой Сети

The dog alone opens the fridge, pulls out a beer and closes the door.

The Network became famous dog. which brings his master a beer from the fridge. It is stated in the story TSN, writes

The video shows how a dog breed Corgi, upon request of the owner goes to the fridge and opens it. On the bottom shelf, the dog gets a can of beer and brings a host.

After reminding the animal even comes back and closes the door. That dog was easier to open the fridge, its doors fastened a large rope with a flounce at the bottom.

For two days the movie has collected more than 600 thousand views. Its heroine is a dog breed gorgie nicknamed Ketchup from California. It even has its own page in Instagram, where her owners publish photos and videos.