The dollar and the Euro continue to go up: a fresh currency exchange rates on 21 Jul

On Tuesday, July 21, the national Bank of Ukraine set the official hryvnia exchange rate to the us dollar and the Euro.

The national Bank of Ukraine on Tuesday, 21 July 2020, has weakened the official hryvnia exchange rate on 24 kopecks to 27,6011 UAH per dollar against 27,3606 UAH per dollar on Monday.

These data are presented on the NBU website.

The official exchange rate of hryvnia to the U.S. dollar is set at 27,6011 UAH per dollar against 27,3606 UAH per dollar on Monday, the hryvnia exchange rate to Euro is set at UAH 31,5908 for the Euro against the 31,2554 UAH per Euro yesterday.

Currencies on July 21:

USD — 27,6011 UAH per 1 dollar.

EUR — 31,5908 UAH for 1 Euro;

PLN — 7,081 UAH per 1 Polish zloty;

RUB -3,8595 UAH for 10 Russian rubles;

BYN — 11,5245 UAH per 1 Belarusian ruble;

TRY — 4,0247 UAH per 1 Turkish Lira;

MDL -1,617 UAH per 1 Moldovan LEU.

GBP — 34,8698 UAH 1 GBP;

CHF — 29,4365 UAH 1 Swiss franc;

CNY — 3,9505 UAH per 1 Chinese yuan

Доллар и евро продолжают дорожать: свежий курс валют на 21 июля

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Rate on the interbank market

As reported July 20 on the interbank currency market of Ukraine to the close of trading quotes of the hryvnia to the dollar was established at the level of 27.61/27,63 hryvnia/dollar, Euro 31,52/31,54 of the hryvnia/Euro.

Recall, July 16, against the appointment of a new head of the national Bank Kirill Shevchenko, the dollar on the interbank market increased significantly. In some offices felt the demand for the currency.