The dollar exchange fell for the first time in a week

Доллар в обменниках подешевел впервые за неделю

Photo: Economic truth

The rise of the dollar stopped

Cash dollar ceaselessly rose in price from July 15 and exceeded $ 28 USD. Today, the currency started to get cheaper.

The dollar exchange rate in exchange offices of the Kiev banks fell for the first time since July 15, according to данные

So, on Friday, 24 July, the selling rate of cash dollar fell by 9 cents to 28.00 UAH/USD, buying rate by 6 cents to 27,69 UAH/USD.

The average rate of buying the Euro fell by 3 kopecks to 31,73 UAH/EUR, the selling rate by 6 cents to of 32.38 UAH/EUR.

Note, on the eve of the national Bank said that the dollar becomes more expensive in the last time thesiologist factors.For the jump course was enough public statements about the need for devaluation of the hryvnia, says the Central Bank.

Meanwhile, on 24 July, the regulator has weakened the hryvnia to 9 cents to 27 and 87 per dollar.