The dollar exchange rate in Ukraine: economist gave a forecast for fall

Financial experts say that in September this year, the dollar will remain at the level of lower than 26 hryvnia. The lower level of us dollar will not exceed 25 hryvnia. According to analysts, this is a record the price of the currency over the past few years.

Курс доллара в Украине: экономист дал прогноз на осень

If in 2018 the financial experts were pessimistic about the value of the dollar and predicted the rise of its price, it is already clear that there is no depreciation of the Ukrainian hryvnia will not happen. The forecast of the exchange rate increase was based on the fact that autumn is the period of payments on loans in Ukraine, respectively, the currency must be expensive. But this did not happen.

Andrew Shevchishin, head of analytical Department Forex Club, said that the dollar rate against the hryvnia for the month of September is projected at 25-25,8 hryvnia to 1 us dollar. Moreover, if the Ukrainian legislation will lead to compliance with the claimed discovery of a land market, then the dollar could sink to the level of 24.7 per UAH, because then foreign businesses will invest in Ukraine currency.

Experts also cited several reasons why the dollar continues to fall:

Ukraine is perceived by investors as the country in which quickly you can make money;

The GDP is a record in the second quarter of 2019, the economy grew 4.6%;

the regime’s position on continued cooperation with the IMF.

According to financial analysts, the dollar will still grow, despite the “summer calm”, and by the end of 2021, the dollar is projected to 33 hryvnias.