The dollar rose to its highest level since the beginning of April

Доллар подорожал до максимума с начала апреля

Photo: Корреспондент.net

The dollar rose relative to the hryvnia

The hryvnia, which day falls in the official exchange rate of the national Bank and the interbank foreign exchange market.

The national Bank of Ukraine on Monday, July 20, has once again weakened the hryvnia relative to the dollar to 8 cents and 12 cents against the Euro.

The national Bank has set the official exchange rates at:

– $ 100 – 2736,06 UAH (+UAH 0,086)

– 100 Euro – 3125,54 UAH (+UAH 0,1264).

Thus, the dollar increased in recent months. Above it was only on April 6 — 27,3730 hryvnia per dollar.

On the interbank currency market, the dollar is up 11 cents to 27.45 per dollar, the exchange rate in the purchase to 27,42 hryvnia per dollar. The Euro is up 12 cents to 31.38 hryvnia for one Euro.

Two days of ranieiri broke the annual record, breaking the psychological otmetku 31 UAH.

Recall,the national Bank for the first time in two years on the interbank market went not once in a week.Earlier policy of the NBU in the foreign exchange market was to smoothing of sharp fluctuations in either direction.