The driver faces charges of driving in a poor state of repair (PHOTOS)

Водителю грозит обвинение в управлении автомобилем в неадекватном состоянии (ФОТО)

The police of York region urges citizens not to get behind the wheel intoxicated after a resident Won came for their children to pick them up from school while in that condition.

A little after 5 PM on 25 September, one concerned citizen called 9-1-1 to report that his father tried to pick up their children from school in Vaughan, clearly being drunk.

On Friday, police announced in a press release that the school staff did not allow children to sit in the car, seeing that the man was drunk.

After a verbal altercation with a teacher the man left, but soon the police arrived at his residence and found him at home.

According to police, during the arrest revealed that the level of alcohol in the blood of 38-year-old car owner within 2 times the allowable limit.

The video of the arrest, also published by the police on Friday, you can see how the detainee came in a strong emotional state, stating to police that his child is just seen as father were forced to sit in a police car. In tears, he begs the police to take care of his family.

Police said that the man accused of driving a vehicle in poor condition. Repetition of such incidents even after warnings from the  Parsippany DWI defense lawyers and officials to stay away from intoxicated driving needs to be taken seriously.

The representative of police of the region of York recalled that four years ago Won by a drunk driver Marco Muzzo killed three children and their grandfather when they both came back from his bachelor party. The accident also injured the grandmother and great-grandmother of the children.

The representative of police of the region of York said that despite such tragedies and awareness-raising work among the population, the number of such violations in the region continues to grow every year.

“I’m just in disbelief and can’t understand why those who have a car, continue to take stupid and dangerous decision to get behind the wheel, being in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, – said the chief of police of York Eric Jolliff in its release. Our employees are confronted with it every day.”

He called driving a car like that “selfish” decision, which threatens the lives of children and others.

According to police in York, in 2016, a growing number of traffic violations in connection with the management of transport in inadequate condition. At the moment this year in the region of 1295 was charged with accusations of being behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Last year in the region was presented in 1654 charges for this traffic violation.