The driver from Toronto blocked a highway to practice (PHOTOS)

Водитель из Торонто перекрыл шоссе, чтобы поупражняться  (ФОТО)

Provincial Police Ontario (and the majority of Toronto residents) were not too happy when in the Internet appeared the video that demonstrates how a group of drivers occupied the stretch of highway to realize their dreams, inspired by the film “fast and furious”.

Last night the OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt posted a video on Twitter and Instagram about the group of motorists who decided to block traffic near the Pearson airport to the middle of the 409 th hyvaa to arrange a master class in drifting.

Some of them used their cars to block several lanes, and others stood around, watching as one “Pro” washed tires get spinning rings at 409-m.

“This is not only dangerous and illegal, but leads to confusion when a group of people covered by some herd instinct, covers the highway, to organize such a show,” wrote Sergeant Schmidt.

“We’re not…really?”

It is obvious that some are. The one who shot the video, when turned to show what’s happening behind the line enclosing the entrance to the “arena”, took an impressive convoy of cars with those who had to wait until the end of this outrage.

Next time be so kind to use for your “Toronto-drift” any Park, please!