The Dutch Parliament has agreed to further investigate the role of Ukraine in the case about the crash of MH17 (PHOTO)

The Dutch Parliament on Tuesday approved the requirement for the government to investigate the role of Ukraine in the crash Malaysian Boeing in the East of the country in July 2014. It follows from the documents published on the website of the lower chamber of the main legislative body of the Netherlands.

MPs have stated that they intend to examine the reasons why the Ukrainian authorities have not closed the airspace above and around East Ukraine in the conditions of warfare. With this in mind, the government should consider, “what options exist for carrying out such a further examination of the facts, and to report the results of the lower house of Parliament.” As reported in his Twitter Deputy from the Christian democratic party, Chris van Dam, the decision was taken unanimously.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Stef Blok said earlier that the government from a legal point of view “sees no reason for that,” but did not object to the consideration of this investigation. He noted that the issue also applies to the airspace of Russia, so the Netherlands will need cooperation not only from the Ukrainian side.

Ambassador of Ukraine Vsevolod Chentsov, commenting on the fact of making such proposals in the Dutch Parliament, said that his country has nothing to hide, according to the publication NOS. According to the diplomat, you first need to find out who shot down the Boeing, and why. The Russian Embassy in the Hague stated that Russia is always ready to take part in an objective investigation of the causes of the crash, and the Dutch side this is well known, writes, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

President and member of Executive Committee of Russian Association of international law Anatoly Kapustin in an interview with RIA “Novosti” called the decision the “voice of reason”. According to him, if the process of investigating the role of Ukraine will be launched, it must be created a new independent body. “Best of all, if would have to do the ICAO Council (ICAO is the international civil aviation organization), that is independent. Dutch authorities have compromised themselves. Frankly, seriously, they must be removed, that is, a need for a new independent Commission, independent experts”, – said Kapustin.

In 2015, the security Council of the Netherlands presented a report regarding the causes of the crash of MH17. In it, in particular, attention was drawn to the fact that Ukraine should have closed its airspace, and in this case, the plane would fly different route to Kuala Lumpur and would not have been shot down by a missile. In response to calls to draw Ukraine closer to the responsibility of the authorities of the Netherlands stated that convincing evidence of the involvement of Kiev to the incident there.

On June 19 of this year, Dutch investigators announced the names of Russians involved in the start anti-aircraft missiles that destroyed the airliner Boeing 777-200 company Malaysia Airlines. The plane carried out flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. He crashed on 17 July 2014 in Donetsk region of Ukraine. In the crash killed 298 people – citizens in almost two dozen States.

For investigation of accident set up a Joint investigation group (SSG). It included the representatives of Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. Russia is not included into it. From the beginning suspect that the destruction of the ship are Russian army units. In June 2017 countries included in the group, decided that the trial of the suspects in the crash will be held in the Dutch court and Dutch law.

The charges in the criminal case against three Russians (former head of the armed forces DND Igor Girkin, aka Strelkov, the commander of the reconnaissance Sergey Dubinsky Callsign “Gloomy” and his Deputy Oleg Pulatova), as well as the citizen of Ukraine Leonid Kharchenko.

The investigation also found the names of the soldiers of the 53rd anti-aircraft brigade of the armed forces who were in the Russian-Ukrainian border in mid-July 2014. Was even published photographs of these soldiers. Presumably, they catered to the Buk missile system, which shot down the airliner. The Prosecutor of the Netherlands acknowledged that the court is likely to be part-time, and the chances of suspected to be in the dock void.

As part of the investigation, the question arose about what the role of the Russian leadership in the incident. Dutch investigators released several phone calls between Igor Girkin and Russian officials – presumably the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov and the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.

In conversations it was about the help from Russia. In an interview with Aksyonov Girkin listed, you need anti-tank artillery, tanks and air defense are already ready by specialists, as their “time to cook we will not have, anymore.” He was told that help will come. And Surkov, a week before the MH17 disaster assured the Prime Minister DND Alexander Beard that “spoke to older colleagues, older does not happen” on military assistance to the militia and hints at some “tipping action.”