The Dynamo players disagreed about the amount of penalties the team for being late for a workout (video)

Игроки "Динамо" разошлись во мнении о сумме штрафов в команде за опоздания на тренировки (видео)


The players of “Dynamo” Nazar Rusyn and Oleksandr Andrievsky in the program “Ridiculous” shared data about the price list of penalties imposed by the leadership of the Kiev club for being late for training.

The data Nazaire and Alexander diverge significantly – the first claims that the amount of the fine is $ 200., the second questioned this figure and insisted on five hundred.

“The first training is coming Mykyta Burda. He knee develops,” he joined in the conversation Vitaly Nikolenko.

“And the last as when, sometimes I come last. I sydorchuk (the captain of the team – approx. stuffed a couple of days ago that I, along with Karavaevym late. And now, I come early,” admitted 20-year-old defensive end.