The Earth had a second natural satellite

Small asteroid 2020 CD3 temporarily turned into a new natural satellite of the Earth, according to a circular minor planet Center at the Smithsonian astrophysical Observatory. This writes RIA “Novosti”.

У Земли появился второй природный спутник

Photo: Shutterstock

“Integration of the orbits indicate that this object is temporarily tied to the Land. No signs of disturbances caused by the pressure of solar radiation, no contact with known artificial object not found”, — the document says.

The experts recommend further observation of the object.

According to open sources, the asteroid has a size of from one to six meters. He belongs to the group of asteroids Cupids or Apollo.

“Indeed, there are so-called quasistatic of the Earth. They have quite a tricky orbit. When we talk about satellites, we mean that he is in a circular orbit, like ISS or Yuri Gagarin, flying.

This object is flying more difficult. He flies with the same period as the Earth, not away from her, forming a temporary orbit. Such objects in orbit do not last long. They may be several years and several decades to accompany the Earth,” — said the scientific head of the Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Shustov.