The Earth will fall endless rains: official NASA prediction scares

Scientists agree in opinion that the weather forecasts issued by the meteorological centers of the Earth – is wrong. The experts decided to conduct our own research and on their basis to make a statement that changes in weather conditions on the planet is inevitable and will happen much faster than previously thought

На Землю обрушатся бесконечные дожди: официальный прогноз NASA пугает

Soon the Earth will fall a substantial amount of rain. “Nature Communications” is a major publication that publishes the work and research of many scientists involved in developments in this area. NASA experts have concluded that the calculations of weather forecasters in the number drop-down on the planet, rain is completely wrong.

Now experts are actively working in this direction. At the moment it was found out that in the Earth’s atmosphere are actively moving air currents as a result of the decrease in the number of high-altitude clouds in the tropics. Because of this active movement of cloud masses the amount of precipitation increased. Meteorologists when making predictions why leave that part out.

На Землю обрушатся бесконечные дожди: официальный прогноз NASA пугает

NASA experts are one hundred percent say that the problems with the climate on our planet becoming global form, in contrast to the previously presented official versions. As already mentioned, the main problem is the movement of cloud masses in the tropical zones of the Earth.

Now scientists are conducting a more detailed study of influence of movements of clouds on weather and the release of precipitation, and are confident that if you use the most perfect model to study the problem of such phenomena, it is possible to accurately determine and predict the emergence of new natural phenomena. Only this will help to make the most precise calculations and understand how to resist adverse weather conditions on the planet and to eliminate future natural disasters.

На Землю обрушатся бесконечные дожди: официальный прогноз NASA пугает

About the terrible consequences of the raging elements trumpeted in the international media:

“Destroyed houses, uprooted trees and flooded streets. Hurricane “Dorian” that struck the Bahamas, destroying everything in its path”, — referred to in the material of one of the sources.

We know about the number of injured that has grown — according to doctors injured 21 people, is also known, and deaths — from-hurricane “Dorian” in the Bahamas five people were killed.