The easing of restrictions: some States are already beginning to take the first steps towards the lifting of quarantine

The rules of social distancing in the United States have helped slow the spread of the coronavirus, but States are under increasing pressure from the protesters and the White house, who argue that it is time to ease restrictions. About it writes USA Today.

Ослабление ограничений: какие штаты уже начинают делать первые шаги к отмене карантина

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This rapid easing of the quarantine contradicts the advice of many experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading expert on infectious diseases, who warned that the resumption of work of the enterprises too early can cause a new surge of infections.

“I think the easing measures caused the economic component of the situation, said Fauci. But until then, until we get the virus under control, economic recovery will not happen”.

The US President Donald trump, who declared that the government should be doing States to begin to open their businesses, cited the example of several States taking steps to “safe, gradual and phased exit from the quarantine”, including Texas, Vermont and Ohio. He insists to ease the quarantine in the United States by may 1, a plan that depends in part on further testing of the coronavirus.

Several States have announced plans to coordinate with their neighbors: California with Washington and Oregon; the governors of new York, new Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode island announced plans to create a joint task force.

States that take steps to relief the rules of quarantine


April 17, Governor Ron DeSantis gave certain municipalities the green light to the opening of the beaches with limited time for walking, Biking, Hiking, fishing, running, swimming, pet care and surfing. In Jacksonville people with enthusiasm beaches the beaches when they were opened, prompting criticism on social networks. DeSantis said the school will be closed until the end of the school year.

On 20 April he also announced the creation of a “Re-Open Florida Task Force” to the Executive Committee which consists of 22 elected officials and corporate leaders, such as President of Walt Disney World Resort Josh D ‘ Amaro and CEO of Universal Orlando Resort John Sprouls.

The task force will hold a daily conference call until April 24, and will release a report with recommendations.


April 21, Governor Brian Kemp said he will allow the opening of certain businesses on April 24, including gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, hairdressing, cosmetology and massazhistka offices.

“Each of these entities will be subject to certain restrictions, including compliance with social distancing and regular sanitary operations,” said Kemp.

Bars, night clubs and entertainment places will remain closed, and the restaurants and theatres will re-open on April 27.


Trump said on 18 April that Idaho will gradually resume the activity of non-essential businesses from may 1.


April 17, Governor Tim Walz signed a decree according to which the newly opened entertainment company in the outdoors, including Golf courses, public and private Marina and shooting range outdoors. The decree entered into force the next day and requires residents to abide by the guidelines of social distancing recommended by the Centers for control and prevention (CDC).


Trump said on 18 April that Montana “will start the lifting of restrictions” on April 24.

New York

April 18, new York joined Connecticut and new Jersey, by opening the ports and allowing the boats to travel for recreational purposes.

The state updated its guidance for Golf courses, opening the door for public and private courses. According to the Director of communications Governor Andrew Cuomo, Dani Lever, the golfers will have to come on their own and carry their own bags without a trolley.

North Dakota

Trump said on 18 April that the North Dakota “insignificant advised businesses to prepare for a phased opening beginning on may 1”.


On may 1, the state will carry out a “gradual” opening plan, said April 16 Governor Mike devine.

Devine said that the plan is being finalized with the owners of the business staff and advisors. It starts with the fact that companies will be able to implement social distancing, and use of other measures to reduce the spread of the virus.


Governor Tom wolf, who extended the validity period of isolation until may 8 signed a bill allowing notary services in the Internet to renew online car sales. He also said that at this time will be allowed a limited construction.

In the coming days, the Governor said he will work on the guidelines for opening businesses, since may 8.

South Carolina

Governor Henry McMaster announced on April 21 the plan called “the Acceleration of South Carolina” to “give gas” and the reopening of certain sectors of the economy.

Clothing stores, departments, furniture, jewelry and sporting goods, as well as florists and flea markets can be reopened, but will have to work in limited conditions. The closure of the beaches to be abolished, although local authorities will have to make a decision on the resumption of the work of specific beaches.

The order continues to encourage compliance with the directives of social distancing. Hairdresser, beauty salons, gyms and night clubs ought to be closed.


April 20, Governor bill Lee announced that the lockdown will not be renewed after April 30, and that some businesses in the state will begin to open.

“For the benefit of our state’s social distancing should continue, but our economic disconnect may not,” said Lee.

Appointed Governor of the group for the recovery of the economy, consisting of 30 members and works with industry leaders to some businesses could resume its work on April 27.


April 17, Governor Greg Abbott has issued regulations that will loosen some restrictions on retail stores and parks, but he said that all schools, public and private, will be closed until the end of the school year.

Abbott said all the stores in Texas will be able to work since April 24. They can deliver the goods in cars, houses or other places of the buyer.


April 17, Governor Phil Scott announced plans to open some enterprises in terms of restrictions on April 20. Farmers ‘ markets can be opened in limited quantities starting may 1.