The economic chain of Ukraine are under threat

Businessman Sear Kurchatov said that the government is not purposefully stolen the budget, but “sawing under them.”

Экономические цепочки Украины находятся под угрозой

He said this in an interview with the chief editor of the portal “Hvilya” Yuri Romanenko.

“We must pay tribute that the current government, she did not deliberately nagging. Sawing under them, and they are told that it is so necessary, it is restarting the economy,” said Sear Kurchatov.

The businessman notes that in a situation of quarantine restrictions the government has done nothing for small and medium-sized businesses.

“For small and medium-sized businesses did not do anything absolutely. Now with restrictive quarantine measures will attempt to run, for example, the SEC and foodservice. But the government had not subsidized by businessmen, who need to particupate perishable products, many have accumulated debts on utility bills,” he said.

Kurchatov notes that it is unclear how they will decide to lease and revision of lease agreements, many small businesses.

“And, again, as the landlord, which probably will not be able to pay the same rental rate will be OK now the issues with the banks. These questions are not answered and yet not answered — we have the main value chains under threat,” he stressed.

The businessman emphasizes that the number of jobs for Ukrainians in the private sector provides the small and medium business.

“Because the real business small and medium determines in fact the number of jobs and the economy, and not the oligarchic business, which is we usually have all the perks and subsidies in the country”, — summed up Sear Kurchatov.