The economist pointed out the futility of cooperation with the IMF

Political strategist and economist Taras Zagorodnii said that for five years, hears about the cooperation with the IMF will lead to a huge flow of investments, but they are not.

Экономист указал на бессмысленность сотрудничества с МВФ

About this Zagorodnii told the channel Wave with the chief editor of “Hvilya”, political expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the future of Yuri Romanenko.

“I have five years of hearing that our cooperation with the IMF will lead to a huge flow of investments and so on. So I ask, where is the investment? And came to a capital, came grabbers marauders, who tell us, let’s break up all the remnants of the state. Buy any speculator monopoly, of course buy it — well this is the Golden cow, it constantly can make. Here is an example I bring an example with the same Deutsche Bank in Germany, this unprofitable enterprise, why did the Germans, these marketeers do not sell fictitious owner? Because the Germans have learned from experience, they know that at this level, the free market does not work. It’s like in Britain, where even Margaret Thatcher sold the railroad, although it was ten years in power. The result is that increased accident rate. Behaves as a monopolist in this case? Posokraschali all investment program, decrease infrastructure. For example, passenger transport, they still can, it’s all about the money here and now,” says Zagorodny.

According to him, if it starts crashing, then the problem is at the state and begins the next stage — the state require subsidies.

“They say the government give us subsidies and grants well it’s unlimited, like KOBOLEV, unrestricted grants, because it sits on the switch that wants something and does. Why, because the Germans understand that better planning of loss-making business venture, they paid for it there are 10 billion euros per year, but I understand that they have an infrastructure that works for the whole economy and not specifically on the enterprise.

Imagine that we have instead of Railways is controlled primarily infrastructure 10 companies. Can you imagine how they will be able to rates, so you’re moving for example from the Dnepropetrovsk region in Cherkasy Poltava or, as you say, we have other company, we have other tariffs, are a mess. This whole mess was at a certain stage in the UK when they started to build the railroad. They were private at first, but they realized that it is better, when a uniform rate everywhere. These businessmen also realized that the better it will be in the hands of neutral countries. So when Mr. Goncharuk (Prime Minister of Ukraine, Alexey Goncharuk — ed.) said that we are going to lease stations, universities, he is an idiot, because you can not complete infrastructure to give pieces in private hands, so it will not work. They will squeeze anything, and then to bill. Says, you want to use the station for the purpose of for example, pay me the money. Because private capital just behaves differently does not happen,” — said the economist.