The economist predicts the fall of the hryvnia

According to economic forecasts, next week the dollar will go up dramatically after a significant drop.

Экономист прогнозирует падение гривны

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya” with reference to “Ukrainian news”.

It is noted that after the constant decline in the period from 30 April to 8 may, up to the level of 27,0563 UAH/USD, the dollar rate may reach UAH 30 — and that’s the optimistic forecast of the partner investment company Millstone&Co. Michael Millstone.

“The rate will “float”. 30 UAH/USD optimistic scenario pessimistic about not speak. National Bank has reserves to stabilize the situation. Over the past 6 years the national Bank is well cleaned and regulated banking system. To sit in quarantine for a month – not an indicator. Somewhere by the autumn we will really see more or less realistic picture of the situation”, — said the expert.

As previously wrote “Hvilya”, acting Minister of energy and environment protection Olga Bukovec found the culprits in the energy crisis Ukraine.

In her opinion, the problem is the warm winter in Ukraine and quarantine restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, not including other additional factors that influenced the decline of the industry. Moreover, Bukovec noted that the opening of the electricity imports from Belarus and Russia by bilateral agreements in September 2019, also crippled the energy sector in Ukraine.

It was also reported that the expert of economic programmes of the Razumkov Centre Volodymyr Sidenko said, as the recession of the EU economy hit by Ukraine. According to him, now the question is whether this second recession after the great depression, or surpass it.