The economist said, what will happen to the dollar in 2020

In Ukraine before the end of 2020, the dollar will stay within 27-28 UAH per dollar.

Экономист рассказал, что будет с курсом доллара в 2020 году

This was stated by economist Oleg Pendzin in the broadcast channel “Ukraine 24” reports “Hvil”.

“I would not link at the moment, the momentum of course with the advent of the tranche. Yes, part of it will go to the reserves of the National Bank of Ukraine, some will go to cover state budget deficit. But at the moment it’s not the money for which something will change in the foreign exchange market,” said Pendzin, commenting on Ukraine to receive a new loan tranche from the IMF.

In addition, the economist believes that the NBU’s foreign reserves to date enough.

“I think the national Bank will stay the course in the corridors which is today. 27-28 UAH per dollar is the maximum corridor to the end of the year,” he concluded.