The Ecuadorian President ordered the army to occupy the streets of the capital (PHOTO)

Эквадорский президент приказал армии занять улицы столицы (ФОТО)

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno brought to the streets of the capital existing military unit, reports “Interfax” with reference to Associated Press. Moreno ordered troops to be on streets during curfew hours and near important objects, in particular, power stations and hospitals. The duty was introduced in order to prevent violence.

Two hours after order Moreno a group of masked men gathered outside the office of a private TV channel Teleamazonas and tried to break into the building, where there were about 20 employees. Protesters also tried to seize the newspaper El Comercio.

Citizens of Ecuador are protesting against the increase in gasoline prices. Last week Moreno has signed the decree about cancellation since October 3, subsidies on diesel fuel and gasoline, after which prices have increased more than 120%. A country covered the protests in some cities turned violent. In this situation, Moreno has declared a state of emergency.

The protests resulted in riots. Citizens in masks attacked a television station, newspaper and the national audit service.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ecuador, maría Paula Romo said about 30 detainees in an attempt to seize the building of the national audit service. The attack was stopped by the police.

Because of the protests Moreno was forced to temporarily take the government of Quito to the city of Guayaquil on the Pacific ocean.

On Saturday, he accused his predecessor Rafael Correa and the head of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro that they lead protests going on in Ecuador. The corresponding statement Moreno did on national television. “Today, the dark forces , led by [ex-President Rafael] Correa, and [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro, together with the narco-terrorists became citizens and foreigners carried out previously unseen violent acts against [historical] heritage streets of Quito. They scared many families,” said Moreno.

According to the head of the state, the protesters burned the Treasury building to “destroy evidence of corruption of the previous government”.

The first round of talks between the government of Ecuador and the indigenous nationalities will be held on Sunday. The corresponding statement was circulated by the UN office in Ecuador.

“The Ecuadorian conference of Catholic bishops and the UN office in Ecuador to inform citizens that after contacts with the government and organizations of indigenous nationalities of the first phase of the dialogue will be held on 13 October at 15:00 (23:00 Moscow time) in Quito”, – reported in the “Twitter” representation. The mediators hope “on finding fast solutions to complex situation in which the country is”.

On Saturday, the mayor of the capital of Ecuador country Yunda Jorge Machado said that the leadership of Ecuador has agreed to meet the protesters and to study the decree on the abolition of fuel subsidies. Later, Moreno took the decision to impose a curfew in Quito and the surrounding area.