The editor of “Dynamo” has criticised Andriy Shevchenko for speaking out in support of blacks

Главред сайта "Динамо" раскритиковал Андрея Шевченко за высказывания в поддержку афроамериканцам

Cyril Kryzhanovsky

Head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko published a post on social media, condemning racism. The owner of “Golden ball”-2004 put a black square and wrote “Black Lives Matter” (the name of the resistance movement) with a black smiley-heart, than supported the protesters in the United States.

This gesture Shevchenko in support of African Americans criticized the chief editor of the official website of Kiev “Dynamo” Kyrylo Kryzhanivsky, who Facebook reproached the coach in that he lives outside of Ukraine and that he does not care about the life of Ukrainians, which is “…shoot, rape and torture of garbage. They are also white. And no one needs…How easy to deal with racism in the US, living somewhere in London…Ukraine – noodles on the ears as the party with the Royal. USA – support and fight for human rights,” wrote sports journalist.

Главред сайта "Динамо" раскритиковал Андрея Шевченко за высказывания в поддержку афроамериканцам

In turn, in defense of Shevchenko spoke to the press attache of the national team Alexander Glyvynskyy.

“What’s with all this post? Condemn that Andriy Shevchenko has supported the international movement against violence and racism? Or do you just support racism? How to understand your statement?

And what is the relationship that Shevchenko supports the movement against racism with a strange conclusion that it is, based on your words, not worry about the fact that there is violence in the Ukraine? Is support of the movement against racism in the United States and around the world means at the same time supporting the violence in their country?

Obviously, think before you post stuff on social media. Especially if trying to evaluate the actions of public figures. Speak clearly, not a hint, give to understand – this is your personal position, the position of the journalist or the organization where you work?” – quotes Slavinskogo

In America, protests against racism that ensued after the death at the hands of the police during the arrest of a black resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd.

Let’s add, that on the death of Floyd has officially responded to the European Union of football associations (UEFA),