The effect of the protests: HBO deleted the movie ‘gone with the wind’ because of racism

Leading streaming company removed from its film archives of film and TV production, which reflected a racist setup in previous years, BBC reports.

Эффект протестов: HBO удалил фильм 'Унесенные ветром' из-за расизма

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One of the first streaming platform HBO Max, remove the film adaptation of the novel gone with the wind, classics of Hollywood, with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the lead roles.

As stated by the company, filmed in 1939, the film was “a product of its time” and demonstrated the ethnic and racial prejudices, “that were wrong then and remain so today.”

In his official statement, HBO Max indicates that it would be irresponsible to leave this film without any explanation or public condemnation of the depicted racism.

The company promised that the film will return to the platform in its original form, since any other option would entail that such phenomena had never existed. Specific repayment date has not been named.

A similar explanation was given before other stream about some old cartoons like “Tom and Jerry” and “Dumbo”.

“The discouraging stereotypes”

The film “gone with the wind” was filmed on the novel by Margaret Mitchell, in which minor characters are black servants, in particular the maid Mammy are shown happy with their servile life; they remain loyal to their masters even after the abolition of slavery.

Hattie McDaniel, who played Mammy, became the first black actress to be nominated to the American Academy and received the “Oscar” for a role.

The film received eight Oscars and to this day remains the highest grossing film in movie history, adjusted for inflation (if calculated by the method of “Guinness world records”, “Avatar” in 2009 and “Titanic” in 1997 behind by a considerable margin).

American screenwriter John Ridley wrote this week in the Los Angeles Times that this film “glorifies the pre-war [slave] of the southern States” and perpetuates “display dismal stereotypes regarding people with different skin color”.

“In this film involve the best talents of Hollywood of the time, common efforts poeticize the story, which was not” — said the writer of the movie “12 years of slavery”.

No “Little Britain”

At the end of last week the Comedy series “Little Britain”(Little Britain) was removed from streamingby platforms BBC iPlayer, Netflix and BritBox due to the fact, as shown by some characters in this sketch show, written and played by two British comic Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

Netflix 5 Jun removed also another series by these same authors — “Fly with me” (Come Fly With Me), which was not available on the BBC iPlayer since its release in 2010-11. Britbox removed it from my collection in November 2019.

Bi-bi-si and Britbox removed the series “Little Britain” on June 8. The representative a press-services of the BBC and stated that times have changed since then as these TV show first appeared on screens.

The first season of “Little Britain” was first shown in 2003, and the premiere of the fourth season was completed in 2008.

And in both shows there are scenes where white actors portray people from other ethnic groups.

In 2017 Matt Lucas said in an interview with the Big Issue: “If I could go back in time and again to make “Little Britain”, I would not joke about transvestites. I wouldn’t portray black characters. By and large, I wouldn’t have done this show now. Would it hurt someone. Then we did more ruthless Comedy than I would now.”

His partner in comic Duo David Walliams also said that in today’s world he would definitely would have done things differently.

In the early 2020’s Matt Lucas also said that they Williamsom wish in the foreseeable future to revive this show in some form and that they had talks about it with Netflix.

However, Netflix later denied reports of such negotiations. She did not give the reason why both shows were available for viewing.

In early June, in the Wake of protests against the racist British comedian Lee Francis also apologized for the fact that in his TV show “Bo’ Selecta” (which in urban slang means “cool DJ”), first shown in 2002, portrayed black celebrities.

The show goes on British TV channel Channel 4, Francis using masks parodied Michael Jackson, Craig David, Mel b, and also a number of white pop stars.

“I’ve talked recently with several people and realized that I just did not understand how it was a shame, so I want to apologize,” said the comedian.

A reality show about cops in the dustbin of history?

On 9 June the cable channel Paramount has decided to stop filming his popular reality show “Cops” (Cops),which came out in 1989.

At the end of may, the show was temporarily taken off the air when spread protests in connection with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis during police detention.

The future of another police reality шоуLive PD (“Police Department live”) is also questionable.

In early June, the cable network A&E was taken off the air a few episodes, saying that reviewing the need for the return of the show on the screens “out of respect for relatives of George Floyd and others who lost their lives.”