The eldest daughter of Tonya Matvienko began to live with her boyfriend

The guy moved into the house where there live relatives of the girl.

Старшая дочь Тони Матвиенко начала жить со своим бойфрендом

The eldest daughter of the singer, Tony Matvienko Juliana, which for several years has a relationship with a guy named Egor, to live together with the beloved.

As told by the star’s mother, boyfriend Uliana moved into their house. Now he lives together with Ulyana, Tonya, Arsen, their 3-year-old daughter Nina and Nina Mitrofanovna Matvienko, said in the program “LIVE.”

“It just kind of happened quietly. I think this was the moment when I gave birth to Nina, fed and he came, stayed. “Mom, can he sleep”… So he stayed with us. When I started to have issues, clearly tells Juliana: “Mom, is already the process has begun, nothing can be changed. He has already lived a year. Suddenly you’re going to say “Oh, he lives here”. Yes, all right, have a seat,” commented Tonya.

Married girl is not in a hurry, only eyeing the beloved. Meanwhile, the girl learns actively.

“Juliana worked as a Barista for the last six months. Now she wants to go. Prior to that, she was a waiter and bartender she was, she said she was tired. Now she’s off on vacation with her boyfriend and she already starts the session, she is studying by correspondence for the Director”, — shared his plans for daughter Matvienko.