The elected officials of Lévis will limit their salary increase to 2%

The elected officials of Lévis will limit their salary increase to 2%


Mayor Gilles Lehouillier and the other elected officials of Lévis will lead by example by limiting their salary increase to 2% in 2023, well below galloping inflation and what their current regulations allow on compensation.  

In most large cities like Lévis, the salaries of elected officials are indexed each year to reflect the increase in the cost of living. The formulas vary from one municipality to another, but as a general rule, the calculation is based on the increase in the consumer price index (CPI) in August or September.  

However, in the current context, the variation observed was 7% last August. The reflection is still continuing in several cities, but in Lévis, the elected officials will announce their colors Monday evening. 

For them, it is out of the question to receive such a generous salary increase, a-t – we cut. The regulation on the remuneration of elected officials will be modified to avoid a surge in wages by capping the increase at 2% for the next year, learned Le Journal. 

In Quebec , Mayor Bruno Marchand also confirmed recently that elected officials will not get a salary increase based on inflation. “We spoke to the opposition parties. There are no identified figures for the moment, but we all agree that it is not acceptable to go to that level,” he said.