The election of the President of the Ukrainian Premier League postponed again

Выборы президента Украинской Премьер-лиги вновь перенесены

As it became known elections of the President of the Ukrainian Premier League, which was scheduled for may 25 would not take place.

It is expected that the clubs the Premier League will return to this question after completing the championship, the renewal of which is scheduled for may 30.

Recall that this is the third postponement of the election date. Initially they were to be held on April 7 and then April 27.

The situation with the postponement of the elections is associated with a coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, which is introduced in Ukraine. Under the Charter the Premier League, the election of the President of the organization can go only to full-time mode.

The clubs have put forward three candidates: Alexander Shevchenko (“lions” and “gums”), Michael Metreveli (Shakhtar) and Oleg Smalyuk (Karpaty).