The endocrinologist called the vitamin D killer liver

Unsupervised use of vitamins undermines the health, and vitamin D dangerous to the liver. Opinion shared endocrinologist, Professor Ekaterina Krivtsova.

Врач-эндокринолог назвала витамин D убийцей печени

In conversation endocrinologist commented on the desire of many people in the autumn to eat vitamins to support the immune system. Often these vitamins are drunk, under the influence of advertising, on the advice of friends.

Ekaterina Krivtsova spoke strongly against the use of vitamins as a health hazard.

“We don’t live in the far North, we don’t have scurvy, which requires vitamin support,” — said the scientist.

The doctor said that vitamin complexes should be appointed solely on the basis of clinical studies. Krivtsov added that multivitamins often contain poterpevshie doses that do not have high efficacy and 60% have an effect comparable to placebo.

As for specific vitamins, can affect the body are different, so their purpose is a question especially individual.

“There are different doses, for example vitamin C to 1 gram useless. Vitamin D in high doses is a “silent killer liver,” — said the doctor-endocrinologist.

Krivtsov added that overdose of certain vitamins can cause the development of cancer.