The endocrinologist told about the dangers of baguette with jam

Popular combination products, e.g., bread with jam and cocoa with milk, turned out to be harmful. This was told by the endocrinologist-nutritionist Ekaterina Ivannikova.

Эндокринолог рассказала о вреде батона с вареньем

The doctor recommends to refrain from eating white bread with jam. Both products contain fast carbs and provoke a sharp jump in blood sugar levels. Frequent use of many of your favorite sandwiches can lead to the development of diabetes, obesity, and cause inflammation in the digestive tract.

Adding milk to cocoa will not benefit, as the oxalic acid contained in cocoa beans, inhibits the absorption of calcium. People with urolithiasis it is better to refuse such drink, as the milk fat increases the absorbability of cocoa oxalate.

The most harmful combination products physician called pizza and soda. According to her, the combination of carbohydrates, proteins and TRANS fats that are contained in this set, the body requires a lot of energy to digest.

After such a meal there is a feeling of heaviness, bloating, rising blood sugar levels. Moreover, you seem to be tight and expensive ate, but because of the high content of refined carbohydrates about the feeling of hunger is enhanced, since the signal of saturation is suppressed.