The energy Ministry has increased the power of nuclear energy

Минэнерго повысило мощность атомной энергетики

Photo: Energoatom

Nuclear plant increased electricity production after record-low numbers

In 2020 nuclear generation could grow by 4% compared to the Forecast provided for balance.

Energy adjusted energy balance, increasing srednju capacity of nuclear power plants from 7.4 GW to 7.9 GW, according to the press service of the Ministry.

It is noted that the consumption of electricity from a nuclear power plant in June increased by 5.8% (577 million kWh) against the relevant indicators defined in the Forecast balance. In July maintained the same trend — according to operational data consumption exceeds the planned figures of 8.9%.

In particular, the nominal power out of the nuclear units at the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant and also to increase the download of the second unit of the Rivne NPP and the sixth unit of Zaporizhzhya NPP.

In addition, the load of the NPP can magnify in October-December.

The Ministry of energy believes that the electricity production from NPP in 2020 could increase to 76.5 billion kWh, which is 4% higher than envisaged in the Forecast balance figures.

Earlier it was reported that for the five months 2020 Energoatom due to balance sheet constraints have nedobiraet 2,659 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, 22 times higher than the same period last year.