The energy Ministry said the amount of debts for electricity

In recent months, participants in the electricity market have accumulated significant debts. Only arrears to suppliers amounts to 4.7 billion UAH.

В Минэнерго назвали сумму задолженности населения за электроэнергию

This was during an online conference “European business Association”, said acting Minister of energy and environment protection Olga Bukovec — reports Hvilya.

“Debt households make up the lion’s share of the debt of the electricity supplier before the “Ukrenergo”. This amounted to 5 billion UAH, which has already led to crisis of non-payments throughout the industry,” said the official.

According to Bukovec, ban disabled debtors during the period of quarantine was perceived by consumers as not able to pay the bills.

“People, we all understand, but you have to pay for the resource you get. Total darkness even worse pandemic. People don’t realize that electricity, this civilization resource, in our homes, thanks to the dedicated work of all engineers. But power companies need to pay salaries, energy companies pay taxes,” – said acting Minister.