The energy strategy of Ukraine until 2035, it is necessary to revise

The energy strategy-2035 need to be revised to reflect the changes in structure of electricity generation in the energy market of Ukraine, as well as a sharp drop in electricity consumption as a result of coronavirus.

Энергостратегию Украины до 2035 года необходимо пересмотреть

This was stated by the expert in the electricity sector, co-author of Strategy Andrew Pereversev.

“First, the critical situation that has developed as a result of a number of phenomena such as the emergence of the pandemic, which has led to a significant drop in demand, a significant change in the energy mix associated with decreased production of nuclear power plants. Then now it is necessary to revise the volumes of green energy and to clearly define what amounts to the power system can withstand,” — said Pereversev.

According to experts, the key problem in the energy sphere today is to reduce consumption of electricity, which requires a revision of the strategy.

“The main problem is falling demand for electricity. It is much significantly affects the work of all the mechanism, including financial, grants and everything related to the financial sustainability of the energy sector”, — said Pereversev.

In addition, according to him, Ukraine needs to clearly define the principles and stages of integration of the energy market with the EU that also should be reflected in the energy Strategy.

He also believes that it is necessary to define a policy regarding nuclear power plants, because after 10-15 years the situation will be critical.

“From the point of view of strategy there is another question – what to do with nuclear plants? Generally it is a principled solution which must determine the policy that we will implement. This problem will be critical through conditional 10-15 years. And in this respect the decision point, it is now. Ie if we go and just to understand that nuclear power plants are closed – it will be one picture. We will have something to replace it. For example, according to our calculations it will be wind and gas. Or wind, gas, hydrogen, if we want something exotic,” explained Pereversev.

The expert added that the Organization for economic cooperation and development has developed a number of recommendations for Ukraine, for the government to make effective changes to the energy strategy.

We will remind, on April 28 the Ministry of energy and the environmental protection of Ukraine approved the new Forecast energy balance of Ukraine for 2020, which envisages a General decrease in consumption of 9.5%.

According to “Ukrenergo”, in April, the electricity consumption in Ukraine decreased in comparison with March by 11% compared to the same period last year decreased by almost 8%.

Compared to April 2019, the largest decline demonstrates the mechanical engineering industry (21%), transport sector (-17%), metallurgy (13%) and fuel industry and the utility sector (-12%).