The England international was caught in a sex scandal by staging a party in quarantine

Футболист сборной Англии угодил в секс-скандал, устроив вечеринку на карантине

Kyle Walker

Fellow Ukrainian Oleksandr Zinchenko role and the club is defender “Manchester city” and England’s Kyle Walker in terms of quarantine, in force in the UK on March 23, had a fun time with a friend and two girls of easy virtue, according to L’equipe.

The girls arrived at Walker around 11 PM and spent with Kyle and his friend 3 hours, having for escort services 2.2 thousand pounds, clarifies the issue.

In Manchester city reacted to the situation, announcing the beginning of the investigation, which may lead to a fine player.

It is worth noting that the Walker a few hours later gave an interview in which he urged people to obey the quarantine.

After the published information, the defender of “citizens” decided to apologize for the party.

“I understand that you are a role model and can’t afford such behaviour as a professional footballer. I want to apologize to family, club and fans for what failed them”, – quotes the edition an interview with 29-year-old Walker press service of the Champions of England.