The English Premier League for 4 weeks prolonged the quarantine for coronavirus

Английская Премьер-Лига на 4 недели продлила карантин из-за коронавируса

The football Association of England (FA) announced the cancellation of all football tournaments under its aegis until April 30 in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus, reports Sky Sports.

Initially professional football in England was suspended until April 4, but due to the spread of the virus COVID-19, it was decided to extend the deadline.

Earlier it became known that the seasons in the European Championships must be played by June 30. The rest of the season in the English Premier League left to play 9 rounds, the same number of rounds left to play in the championship (excluding play-offs).

UEFA has also declared that Champions League and Europa League will continue their matches only after the situation improves with the pandemic coronavirus.

In connection with the spread of the coronavirus COVID suspended all European Championships – the last did the Turkish süper lig.

UEFA also decided to move to 2021 Euro 2020.