The English Premier League have identified a scenario if the season resumes

Английская Премьер-Лига определила сценарий, если сезон не возобновится

The clubs of the English Premier League during a conference call decided on this season, if the remaining 92 games to play will fail.

Because at the moment, different teams different number of games played, it was decided to use the principle of points-per-game parties will be placed in the table based on the average number of points per match, according to, referring to the Daily Mirror.

In this edition emphasizes that the decision had yet to be adopted in time for next Thursday’s vote. In this case, the likelihood that this season will be voided, will finally disappear.

Earlier, the Premier League announced the resumption of the season on 17 June, stressing that it is estimated date, and to play football can only be the case if this will create a safe environment.