The entire edition of supercars lamborghini Sián, which cost $ 2.5 million, were sold out in a matter of hours

Весь тираж суперкаров lamborghini Sián, стоивших 2,5 млн долларов, раскупили за считаные часы

From 12 to 22 September in Frankfurt am main hosted the world’s largest international motor show — IAA 2019. Thousands of environmental activists tried to disrupt his work. Protests against environmental pollution took place on 14 and 15 September. The venue of the exhibition gathered more than 20 thousand people. They demanded to abandon the use of diesel and gasoline engines.


At the opening of the Frankfurt motor show was visited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It encouraged automakers to concentrate on the production “more efficient eco-friendly cars”.

Весь тираж суперкаров lamborghini Sián, стоивших 2,5 млн долларов, раскупили за считаные часыGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel at the opening of the Frankfurt motor show

Merkel promised that by 2022 in Germany, all along the highways and other roads will be established a sufficient number of charging columns for electric vehicles. “The current 20 thousand of these columns is clearly not enough”, — said the Chancellor.

Весь тираж суперкаров lamborghini Sián, стоивших 2,5 млн долларов, раскупили за считаные часыLamborghini Sián

The legendary Lamborghini company presented its first serial hybrid supercar. He also was the most powerful. Name Sián borrowed from the Bologna dialect and translates as “flash” or “lightning”. This is a direct allusion to the presence of the electrified powertrain. It consists of a V12 engine with 6.5 liters (785 horsepower) and the electric capacity of 34 force. The total output of the powertrain Lamborghini Sián — 819 horsepower. The site e-motor for the first time for low-voltage hybrids directly connected to the wheels, allowing you to move around at low speed and to reverse one electric. As a source of electricity in Sián is not used lithium ion battery and supercapacitor. The maximum speed exceeds 350 kilometers per hour. A unique feature Sián — active cooling flaps in the rear. They are made of “smart material” that reacts to the temperature of the exhaust gases. The more load, the more the flap is open and the more heat is removed from the engine. Frankfurt an instance of the hybrid was painted in Verde green Gea with Golden accents Oro Electrum. The two-door cabin with leather Poltrona Frau with details printed on a 3D printer. The company said it will produce only 63 of these cars and will sell them at $ 2.5 million per copy. It is reported that the entire edition Sián sold out in a matter of hours!

Весь тираж суперкаров lamborghini Sián, стоивших 2,5 млн долларов, раскупили за считаные часыAudi AI:TRAIL quattro

Audi surprised visitors of the Frankfurt motor show concept AI: TRAIL quattro. Such see the designers of the German company’s future SUVs. Vehicle length 4.15 m, width 2.15 metres and a height of 1.67 meters. Ground clearance is 340 millimeters, and this is achieved including through the installation of 22-inch wheels with tires of a width of 850 mm. With that clearance it is possible to force Brody to a depth of half a meter. In designs Audi AI: TRAIL quattro used steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. Weight — 1750 kg. The power plant consists of four electric motors, each connected to a separate traction wheel and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. The total output of 320 kilowatts (435 HP) and 1000 N. m of torque. Cruising range without recharging — up to 500 kilometers on normal roads and about 250 kilometers on the road. The maximum speed is 130 kilometres per hour. Among the features of the design — panoramic Windows as the helicopter, a fully glass roof, integrated into the bumper compartment for dirty clothes, tires with automatic pressure control, upholstery made from recycled raw materials, led lights and lanterns, who act as external and internal lighting. The function of near and far light in the show-caret perform five drones, equipped with dot-matrix LEDs. They illuminate the road ahead or around the vehicle, and charged from the wireless station on the roof. Another source of light is called the Audi Light Companion the large lantern, which may be the background lighting, and lighting of a marching camp, and projector prompts the navigation system. In addition, the concept is equipped with a complex AI Audi, which combines various systems under the control of artificial intelligence. Each system learns and constantly interacts with the environment and passengers.

Весь тираж суперкаров lamborghini Sián, стоивших 2,5 млн долларов, раскупили за считаные часыHyundai 45 EV

The South Korean company Hyundai showed a concept dubbed 45 EV. The encrypted name a few things. First, the machine is equipped with an electric motor (EV). Secondly, exactly 45 years ago, in 1974, in Turin, was presented a prototype of the Hyundai Pony Coupe, which later became one of the most popular models in the world. Third, many elements of the body of the concept is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees, forming a diamond-shaped silhouette. This design decision will be the basis for all electric models, which the company intends to issue in the coming years. Design is the main feature of 45 EV. The company believes that cars equipped with autopilot, no longer just transport and become a kind of living space. Following this strategy, the concept of the cabin designed with wood, fabric and leather, and the floor covered with a carpet. Rear seat-style chairs, while the front is rotated 180 degrees so passengers can sit facing each other. The car is equipped with cameras instead of side mirrors with integrated turning mechanism so that the driver can at any time to clean the chamber without leaving the salon.

Весь тираж суперкаров lamborghini Sián, стоивших 2,5 млн долларов, раскупили за считаные часыBMW Concept 4

The German company BMW has shown in Frankfurt in Concept 4. The model belongs to the so-called show-cars — cars designed specifically for car dealerships, with the aim to demonstrate the plans and capabilities of the manufacturer. Concept 4 gives an idea of how to develop design models 4-series. The company argued: “the Expressive coupé is the aesthetic essence of the brand, in which the ideal proportions combined with a clean and balanced design.” A key element of the design of the BMW Concept 4 — three-dimensional grille with a combined vertical “nostrils”. This design reminds elongated in the height of the “nostrils” have become historic models BMW 328 and 3.0 CSi. Among other features of the show car — headlights without lenses, the light playing on the body, painted in red shade Forbidden Red, 21-inch wheels, lanterns, consisting of one L-shaped fiber optic element, and a profile reminiscent of a coupe 8-series. How much the production car will be different from the show car will be known in 2020.

Весь тираж суперкаров lamborghini Sián, стоивших 2,5 млн долларов, раскупили за считаные часыMercedes has introduced the concept of EQ Silver Arrow

Mercedes has introduced the concept of EQ Silver Arrow, resembling the classic model of the Mercedes W125 of 1937. It was built to establish a new world record, overclocked to 432,7 km / h. The new Silver arrow is equipped with an electric power plant with a capacity of 738 horsepower. Feeds its 80-kilowatt battery. As you know, electric cars are virtually silent. So for fans of roaring engines, the designers of EQ Silver Arrow specially recorded two audio tracks to choose from — the sound of the engine of a modern Formula 1 car and the roar of the Mercedes-AMG V8. Single body made of carbon fiber. The length of the concept 5.3 meters. Steel caps even covered by a 24-inch wheel, each with 168 needles. Alubeam silver paint, as the developers say, a tribute to the classic Mercedes. But the interior is solved in accordance with the requirements of the XXI century. It is a mixture of natural materials and high technology. All covered in natural leather or walnut finished wood. And all this is implanted digital dashboard, and in the center of the steering wheel there is a second display.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo bought the most expensive car in the world. We will remind, the car La Voiture Noire worth almost 11 million euros were submitted by the group of Bugatti at the Geneva motor show.

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