The entire leadership of Ukroboronprom will fire

Все руководство Укроборонпрома уволят —

Photo: The Voice.Yua

Changes in the Ukroboronprom promise soon

On the reform of the Ukroboronprom began to talk with Poroshenko, but still nothing has changed.

Soon the entire leadership of the state concern Ukroboronprom will be dismissed and appointed a new one. On Wednesday, August 12, stated Vice Prime Minister — Minister of strategic industries Oleg Urusky, pictureporn.

“Concern Ukroboronprom is subject to substantial transformation because the form in which it now exists, it can not exist. Management would be replaced, as far as I know, in the near future should be a change of leadership of the group. Next will be, respectively, the change and the team that worked there last year,” he said.

Urusky allow even change the name of the group, because “this name has become toxic in Ukraine.”

Also, according to Urusky, the system will change the control group. “It will be a management company with the functions, which are today in the group, with a minimum of intervention in the economic activity of holdings that will be in this company”, — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Among the changes he highlighted the Department of aerospace holding company, which also enterprises of Roskosmosa join aviation enterprises, in particular Antonov.

All enterprises Roscosmos will bring together space and rocket center Pivdennyi.

As you know, on the reform of the Ukroboronprom say ever since the scandal with the procurement under Peter Poroshenko. But since then it’s been nearly two years, and the group is still working unchanged. After coming to power of Vladimir Zelensky on it has changed leadership, which again I want to change.